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Always Pinned. Never Lost.

The time we spend in the great outdoors is part of who we are. The vehicles, the equipment, the accessories, it all brings us and nature together… Except for hitches.

Misplaced hitches, loose straps, and lost pins ENDS TODAY.
Purchase the Always Pinned Hitch Organizer and finally organize your gear the way your wife has CONSTANTLY asked you to.

Transform Your Shop/Garage:

From This:

Before Junky Picture

To This:

Neat and Organized AFTER




With space for four hitches, you can easily store and locate your hitches, straps and pins.



Recreational sports can lead to some messy habits. Reducing clutter just makes sense.

Canadian Made


Our Canadian pride stands strong and free as our Hitch Organizer is made in Ontario.

*Patent Pending

Gear Up

Show off your support for Canadian made products by gearing up with Always Pinned merchandise.


Always Pinned Trailer Products

They say the greatest products are created when someone sets out to scratch his own itch.

That’s precisely what Always Pinned Owner/Operator Steve Ladosz set out to do with the Hitch Organizer.

After tripping over a garage floor covered in hitches, the mission become crystal clear: The hitch is the itch.

Thanks to a background in manufacturing and a passion for recreational vehicles, Steve set out to solve this common problem, and succeeded.

Steve’s concept for the Always Pinned Hitch Organizer is now a proudly Canadian manufactured product available for both retail and wholesale purchase.

Steve at the track

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